Before first use, be sure to download and read the detailed instruction guide:

tragus clip electrode instruction manual 2024-01.


Clean your skin first.  DO NOT skip this step.  Clean skin is important for conducting the small pulses used in tVNS and it also is key to reliable and consistent performance.  Read more about clean, intact skin in the instruction manual

The updated 2024 manual also includes some notes about intensity settings, also below.


Clip Adjustment

The tragus clip features moveable magnets that allow the user to adjust the clip closing force.

There are two different magnet sizes in the package: 1.5mm (gold) and 2mm (silver).

The table below shows the most common variations for magnet placement; the clamping force increases from configuration 1 through to 4.

1) no additional magnets (softest) 2) magnet(s) added externally
3) thinner magnet added internally 4) thicker magnet added internally (firmest)

Intensity settings

Most common TENS devices are designed and specified for large gel electrodes and the milliamps (mA) displayed on the device are approximate for those larger electrodes (500ohm load).  The mA displayed is not usually accurate at all for small ear clip electrodes.  Generally, the output intensity rises faster than indicated.  Some TENS brands rise faster than others.

This manual does not seek to advise what intensity to use for your treatment but a few notes apply:  As above, the mA displayed on your device are unlikely to be remotely accurate or even indicative.  A common method for setting the intensity during tVNS, that does not rely on the intensity display, is to carefully increase the intensity until the softest sensation is felt.  Then perhaps reduce by one click so that intensity is just around the threshold of sensation.  This is an inherently soft approach and can work regardless of what TENS device is used.

Some machines will cause a sensation after just one or two increments of the intensity setting.  In these cases, a synthetic load wire can be used to improve output behaviour and cause a more gradual increase in intensity for better control of the stimulation threshold.

Previously, our tragus clips included a synthetic load built into the connector block to moderate the output intensity on common TENS machines.  In 2024 this feature is split into a separate synthetic load wire; sold separately.

Parasym users do not need the synthetic load as that device is optimised for use with smaller ear clip electrodes.